Protect taxpayers and grow the economy

Nevada's budget shortfall has Carson City politicians once again rushing to raise taxes on Nevadans. As a small businessman, Vick Gill knows that's the wrong approach - that tax increases hurt families' budgets at home and cost the local economy needed jobs. Instead of supporting additional tax increases, Vick Gill will take a hard look at spending priorities and cutting waste rather than asking Nevada families to pay any more in taxes.

Patient-centered health care - NOT Obamacare

Obamacare is dramatically raising health care costs and reducing health care choices for Nevada families and businesses. As an experienced health care professional, Vick Gill understands how to reform the system so that patients - not bureaucrats - are in control of their health care decisions. He will use his experience to improve health care for Nevada's veterans.


As a first-generation immigrant, Vick Gill knows firsthand the importance of education. That's why he volunteers as a mentor for Las Vegas youth at the Southern Highlands Boys and Girls Club. Vick supports prioritizing and investing in education, including supporting charter schools and other innovators in education. Vick strongly supports preparing students with skills in math and science.

Protect freedom

Vick Gill strongly supports Second Amendment freedoms and the sanctity of each person's individual right to self-defense.